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What is TEMS

Developing a technology for the benefit of humanity to be successful involves many aspects and diverse disciplines to come together like an orchestra. TEMS, Technology and Engineering Management discipline of IEEE covers most of these aspects in the technology world today which includes but not limited to,

  • Technology concepts
  • Ideas for products and services
  • Design and development of products and services
  • Developing and managing Intellectual property (IP)
  • Financial aspects of new product development and technology management
  • Go to market strategy including marketing and sales of new products and services
  • Engineering management focusing on technologists and engineers
  • Technology and competence management
  • Leadership development in engineering and technology
  • Consumer experience and support
  • Manufacturing and supply chain management
  • Integrating standards and security
  • Project and Program Management
  • Innovation practices 
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Intrapreneurship

What’s in it for me in TEMS

One of the best ways to progress as a professional is to learn and learn from the best in the field. This can be achieved by learning from experience and interacting with best in class and their case studies. Being part of this exciting society helps you learn more about the following;

HOW to 

  • Move ideas into successful products and services
  • Be an Entrepreneur
  • Ensure your big idea can be a big startup
  • Progress from an Engineer to a Leader
  • Move from a practitioner to a recognized & respected Expert in the Industry
  • Design and Organize your technical and engineering teams for success
  • Implement exciting and successful projects and programs
  • Integrate Technology for enhancing capability and productivity
  • Collaborate with Society, Standards bodies and Policy Makers


  • Helps you understand Global Technology Management Challenges and Practices
  • Provides a variety of venues for engineering professionals to advance their state of practice
  • Provides resources that can help you make a difference
  • Each member can interact globally with industry and academic experts who have a common interest and experience
  • Identifies thought leaders and authors who provide expertise in innovation, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship

What next for me

If you are an Engineering professional and looking for new ideas and ways to make an impact in the following ways, then TEMS can be a fantastic platform to do so.

  • Professionally
  • Personally
  • To your community
  • For the profession

TEMS provides a variety of venues for engineering professionals to advance their state of practice.  It provides resources that can help you make a difference. Each member can interact globally with industry and academic experts who have a common interest and experience. 

TEMS members typically

  • are those who are looking to be the next generation leaders in the area of Technology, Engineering and Management
  • Manage Engineering in organizations 
  • Lead or part of Product & Service Innovation and Design
  • Are engaged in the life cycle of Product Development up to Market introduction
  • Lead the people part of Competency Management
  • Lead the Technology Management of R&D and Technology centers

Some instances of the platform, again not limited to, are below;

  • Events
    • Many Regional Chapters, connect locally with peers, see 
    • TEMSCON Conferences with Industry Forums
      • TEMSCON – Atlanta, GA USA June 2019
      • TEMS India – Bangalore September 2019
      • TEMS-ISIE – Hangzhou, China, October 2019
    • Partner Conferences: IPCS, ICE, ICDIM, others
  • Publications
    • LEADER – current TEMS activities and discussions
    • Engineering Management Review (EMR) – practical studies and examples with technology directions 
    • Technology Manager’s Notebook (in EMR) – day-to-day issues and ideas provided by other engineering managers and management experts
    • Transactions on Engineering Management (TEM) – current academic research studies
  • Books, Articles, Video Library, Social Media 

TEMS Industry Forum is a specific case in point. It is designed to engage Industry into TEMS activities in your region.

  • Industry Leaders discuss technology directions and changes along with management and business challenges
  • Examples of focus areas
    • 5G technologies and implications
    • Bio Medical and IoT
    • Robotics
    • Blockchain
  • Technical Activity Committees (TACs) are formed around the special interests of our members and provide valuable global connections influencing products and making a leadership pipeline. Currently we have five TACs
    1. Engineering Processes
    2. Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    3. Leadership and Management of People and Organizations
    4. Digital Enterprise Technologies   
    5. Project Management
    6. Our profession is dynamic and agile.  Our members are adding TACs to address their specific interests and needs.
  • TACs can be technology focused as well such as “Artificial Intelligence Technologies and their Management Challenges” 

This is YOUR opportunity to get engaged!

TEMS Global Website:

Office Bearers:
Chair: Sudeendra Koushik
Vice-Chair: Arun Tanksali
Secretary: Mallikarjun Choukimath
Joint Secretary: Rakesh Kulkarni
Treasurer: Abhishek M Appaji