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The Educational Activities (EA) and DLT of the IEEE Bangalore Section is involved in keeping the inquisitive nature of its section IEEE members, the engineering and scientific community and the students active by giving them the updates of the latest in the technology and the educational methods of learning the technology. The EA team is involved in the delivery of continuing education products and activities. It also coordinates the talks by experts and distinguished speakers by way of DLTs in various industry participants and academic participants.

Educational outreach becomes an obligation to the ones who have the means to achieve it. One such amazing obligation is transfer of knowledge. Teaching is an art form where it is the duty of the teacher to see that the pupils understand the intent of teaching and the details in it. Being the Co-Chair of Educational Activities and DLTs under the IEEE Bangalore Section 2017, I took it upon myself to teach and educate the students of engineering colleges to think about design and its elements, how could design thought process be used to garner interest in the subjects of engineering for them.

List of Events Conducted in the year 2017
1. RM01–Introduction to Research Methodologies – 08 July – Amrita University, Bangalore
2. RM02–Problem definition and refinement – 08 July – Amrita University, Bangalore
3. RM03–Research Ethics, Plagiarism and IPR – 08 July – Amrita University, Bangalore
4. RM04–Research Methodology – 05 Aug – MNR Foundation for Research and Innovation, Hyderabad
5. RM05–Problem definition and refinement – 05 Aug – MNR Foundation for Research and Innovation, Hyderabad
6. RM06–Research Ethics, Plagiarism and IPR – 05 Aug – MNR Foundation for Research and Innovation, Hyderabad
7. RM07-Research Methodologies: A Ph.D Student’s Approach – 01 Sept – MJCET, Hyderabad
8. RM08-What is Research? – 17 Nov – BMSCE, Bangalore
9. RM09-How to define a research problem? – 17 Nov – BMSCE, Bangalore TECHNICAL WRITING
10. TW01–Technical Writing: A step by step understanding – SJCE, Mysore – 18 Apr
11. TW02–Technical Writing – 11 Mar– PES University, Bangalore
12. TW03–Technical Content Writing – 5 Aug – MNR FRI, Hyderabad
13. TW04-How to report a research problem and its solution – 17 Nov – BMSCE, Bangalore DESIGN THINKING
14. DT01–Design Thinking : For UG/PG Students/Faculty – 18 Apr – SJCE, Mysore
15. DT02-Design Thinking: For UG/PG/Faculty – 17 Nov – BMSCE, Bangalore