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Chatur Yantr is our flagship event for robots which serves mankind and explores automation of robotics. It is organised by IEEE Student Branch REVA University, and in this event students from various different regions compete with each other by creating the best of the best robots which are more efficient than the others.

In this competition,
participants have to complete the track in minimum time limit which consists of surprising elements to make the track more interactive for bots and each of these hold respective points depending on their difficulties. Students can enter with their robot which can be wired as well as wireless. Along with Robo Race, Bots for humanity will take place as an exhibition event. Where Students present their robot(s) which help humans and on the basis of the model, design and purpose of the robot the winner is decided.

Chatur Yantr will focus more on robots(s) which is the upcoming future and will serve as a platform where the student from other regions can present their ideas as advancing towards technology and automation.

Registration :

Students can do registration in a team with a minimum of 2 and maximum of  5 members. In the Team, at least 1 member from IEEE should be there to register as IEEE Team otherwise the team falls under Non-IEEE  Team.



RAS Team: 400

IEEE Team: 500

Non-IEEE Team: 600

NOTE: for early birds flat 100/- off, so grab your tickets fast.


For more details contact us on

Adarsh: 9108496304
Meghana: 9483854287
Saket: 7022836253

Bot Specification:

The dimension of the bot must be within (30x30x30) cm.

The robot can be Wireless/Wired.

Use of readymade RC Car is not allowed.

Battery required: 12v DC and 1.2amp and the bot should be motor driven.

Use of IC engine or compressor is not allowed. All the robots must depend only on motors for their propulsion and control.

The body of the vehicle must be covered, to avoid any entanglement between two competing robots.

One hour before the event robot must go through the specification check.

Bot should always remain inside the track. If the bot leaves the track at any point of the time during the race or bot becomes immobile, it will be considered as a “PIT FALL” which is an opportunity to repair or relocate the bot.

We are not responsible for any damage to the bot occurred on or off the event. 

Chatur Yantr 2.0 - Teaser

Chatur Yantr 2.0 - Trailer

Rules and Regulation:

Participants should bring an ID card from the respective colleges.

The Teams must start their vehicle from the starting line only after a signal is given by the Referee. 

The timer starts immediately after the signal is given.

The number of participants per team should not exceed 5.

First pitfall is considered to be penalty free.

Only 2 people from a team are allowed to manipulate the bot during the race.

Misbehaviour of participant will lead to disqualified.

If there are less than 10 teams registered, the event will be rescheduled.

The prize money on the poster is the total money to be given in the event including both the robot race as well as bot for humanities.

The referee’s decision will be final.