Stay Connected:

Dear Members,

It has been 40 years since the Bangalore section came into being as a sub-section. A big thank you to each and every member for making it what it is – a vibrant, active and exciting community. The contribution and involvement of the 7000+ strong team is the hall mark of the award-winning Bangalore section. I am proud and honored to be part of this wonderful community.

This year, “RECONNECTING” internally and externally will be the theme for our section. This is in line with the IEEE goals at the global level. We want to ensure value, vitality and relevance in our core activities, programs for public service and contemporary organization structure to enable the above. We have identified four anchors for the RECONNECT program for 2018. We want to reconnect with STUDENTS, reconnect with professional grade MEMBERS, reconnect with INDUSTRY and ensure our connect with SOCIETY.

We plan to SUPPORT our student members in more ways to ensure that they get the benefits of being a part of the IEEE community, especially in the area of technology updates. We want to “INVOLVE” our members, to use their experience and knowledge, within and outside our community. We need to increase the ways and means in which we INTERACT with our society, to participate in community-relevant programs and contribute technically in significant ways. We need to find innovative ways to ENGAGE with the industry, partner with them in the opportunities and challenges they are facing. We need to do all of these while we do our regular, flagship events including CONECCT, IEI IEEE Awards, Student Congress, YP and WIE activities and more.

I am working out detailed plans with EXECOM, a wonderful team of volunteers working tirelessly, true to the spirit of volunteering. To make any or all of the above plans possible, we need the support of each and every one of you – students, branch counsellors, young professionals, senior members, life members and fellows, WiE members, previous chairs and office bearers, supporters, and partners.

I look forward to the energy and verve—for which our section is known for. As we start our year to take the section forward, do come forward to participate and help us. I request each one of you to take the ONE WEEK pledge. If you can dedicate one week in the entire year for volunteering in an area of your interest planned above, we will be very thankful. I assure you, you will be happier, more fulfilled and pleasantly surprised at what you can achieve!

Welcome to IEEE Bangalore

Sudeendra Koushik