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IEEE WIE International Leadership Summit 2019

It is with immense pleasure that I announce our acceptance of proposal to host IEEE WIE International Leadership Summit. We are living in a world where number of women in engineering roles are increasing every day and the diversity is adding a lot of value both at academic institutions and corporate world. Be it the conferences such as GraceHopper or other events organized by Anita Borg, closing the gender gap or voicing for inclusion of women in the mainstream has been the need of the hour. While its been a long time since they are out of the house and competing shoulder-to-shoulder with the men in the world, its time they are given equal importance, equal pay and recognized equally by providing equal opportunities and not discriminating in any sense.

A few months ago, I was fortunate to meet one such amazing lady, Pratima (Rao) Gluckman at the campus of Stanford University where we attended a course on Public Speaking. She is an Engineering Leader at VMWare, the author of the book, Nevertheless, she persisted and a vocal advocate of equality for women in the silicon valley. She hosted a number of sessions with the women mentioned in her book all around the USA and gained a lot of new admirers. What needs to be noted here is that we have thousands and millions of Pratimas around us, and we just need to provide an opportunity and platform for such women to come out and express their thoughts, tell their stories and inspire the younger generation.

IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Summit is a part of IEEE WIE’s portfolio of global initiatives that focus on Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Emerging/Future Technology. Summits provide opportunities for networking, mentorship, and collaboration. Out of the 10 summits that will happen in 2019, one will be hosted by Bangalore Section.

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