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On the occasion of International Women’s Day (2018), I would like to share this update. As a representative of IEEE Bangalore Section and IEEE CAS Bangalore Chapter, it was a pleasant experience to visit the campus of GSSS Institute of Technology for Women located in Mysuru. They have a vibrant students’ chapter of IEEE and also a good representation of Women In Engineering society on their campus.  My purpose of visiting their campus was to conduct a tutorial on the topic of “VLSI Design Practices – an Industrial Perspective.” I was received by Dr M.K. Shivakumar, Principal, Dr Parameshachari, the Head of the Departments of Telecom and Dr Satyanarayana, Head of the Department of Electronics & Communication. After a brief inauguration ceremony, I had the opportunity to address the third-year undergraduate students of Telecom and E&C.  There were around 200 students, one of the largest gatherings that I have attempted to teach! Several faculty members from the two departments were also present.

Since I had prior information about the large number of participants, I had decided to try a different approach than a straight-line narrative. I had a quiz lined up for students, starting with questions such as how many devices can be expected in a modern-day SoC, what the term “Integrated Circuit” meant, and who was the inventor of the IC.  There was, of course, a discussion after each question. The quiz slowly progressed towards what SoC “platforms” were all about, what IP and IP integration meant, and the modern-day VLSI design flow. Finally, I spoke about industry’s expectations and the roles that semiconductor industry has to offer for graduating students.

I have written earlier about the benefits of becoming an IEEE member. This event proves my point yet again. Having a student chapter of the IEEE gave the college and edge in conducting a tutorial such as this. Being a member of IEEE gave me the opportunity to present such a tutorial.

C P Ravikumar

" C.P. Ravikumar is the Director of Technical Talent Development at TI, India. He obtained a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from the Department of EE-Systems at University of Southern California (1991). He obtained an M.E. in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Science (1987) and a B.E. in Electronics from Bangalore University (U.V.C.E.,1983). He has published over 250 research papers in the areas of VLSI physical design, VLSI test, parallel processing, electronic design automation and embedded systems in peer-reviewed journals and conferences. He has won three best paper awards in international conferences of the IEEE."

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Dr.PARAMESHACHARI B D – March 8, 2018

Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with our students.

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