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Dear Colleagues,
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers – Bangalore Section, as part of industry
relations, has instituted a prestigious award for industry professionals in India; for excellence in
electrical engineering technology and allied fields of engineering and technology.
The title of the award will be “IEEE Bangalore – Technologist of the Year 2018”​; and will comprise of an
exclusive plaque, medal, and a certificate.
The objective of this award will be to recognize technical excellence with benefit to society in the field of
electrical engineering, and related technical areas. The nominee should have been residing and working in
India – at least – for the last 5 years. This award will recognize the outstanding individual contributions in
The awardee will be shortlisted by an eminent jury comprising of experts from the IEEE Bangalore Section.
The award will be presented at SmartTech, the IEEE Bangalore Section’s flagship event for professionals,
organized every year in the month of August.
Eligibility :
+ The award is open to both IEEE and non-IEEE members from industry; and anyone (i.e., any IEEE
member or any professional) in India can nominate themselves or others for the award.
+ The nominee should have been residing and working in India at least for the last 5 years, and the
technical innovations being cited should have been performed in India.
+ Since the award is meant to recognize individuals from industry who have made outstanding technical
contributions, evidence for the nominee’s specific contributions needs to be clearly documented. If it is
a team effort, the individual technical contribution of the nominee to the technical innovations needs to
be clearly identified.
+ The nomination form is available online :
+ [Referral]
+ [Self Nomination]
+ All nominations must be filled and submitted online.
Important Deadlines :
+ Award Nomination Due: 25 May 2018
+ Winner Notification: 06 July 2018
+ Award Felicitation: 03 August 2018
Please do not hesitate to reach out to or with any
questions regarding the award.
Prasant Misra and Dileep Paruchuri (Co-Chair, Industry Relations – IEEE Bangalore Section)

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