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This meeting is held at Board room, UVCE, Bengaluru on February 25th, 2018.
Mr. Rajashekhar S, Secretary, Bengaluru section opened meeting with the need for an effective section and chapters coordination. The facilities available with section and an overview on responsibilities of chapter chairs and office bearers is explained. About 15 chapters are represented in this meeting.
Each of the chapters presented their proposed events and programs for 2018 and explained their suggestions and grievances. These have been discussed and section will try to solve some of them. The possible joint events between similar chapters have been discussed.
Mr Sudeendra, Chair Bengaluru section, has explained his priorities and chapters role in improving membership and industry involvement in IEEE activities. Dilip and Prasant, EXECOM members, explained the industrial activities roadmap for 2018 and sought chapters active participation. Prof Sivareddy and Prof. Srinivas shared their experiences in effectively running chapter activities.

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