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IEEE Bangalore Section, in collaboration with NASSCOM IoT CoE and TiE, is organizing the 4th edition of  IEEE SmartTech on 4-5 August 2017 in Hotel Sterling MAC (Bangalore), with a focus on the theme of “Digital Transformation with Cognitive Minds and Machines”.
This edition of the workshop will have two major segments:

1) Digital Transformation

2) Cutting Edge Technology

The Digital Transformation segment will deep dive into two important verticals (from an Indian context): 1) Energy and 2) Agriculture. In this segment, experts will provide specific actionable details on:

  • The current trends and future expectations (Plenary on Practitioner’s Perspective 101)

  • Present current implementations in this field and the challenges/opportunities thereof (It’s my GEEK)

  • An open discussion with domain and technology experts (Rapid Fire)

In the Cutting Edge Technology segment, experts and industry leaders will discuss future technologies and trends in AI & Cognition, AR/VR/MR, Wireless & 5G, Drones & Robotics, and Autonomous Vehicles.

The details of this two-day workshop are as follows:

 Date and Time: 4-5 August 2017 (9:00 AM – 6:00 PM) •

Venue: Hotel Sterling MAC (Bangalore), Bangalore •

Workshop site:

Registration site:–

This workshop will bring together technology leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, and thought provokers who are passionate about addressing impactful problems by turning ideas into solutions. Industry stalwarts and technology practitioners, together, will share their vision on future technologies and how they will disrupt/impact our way of working and living.