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After verification of activities submitted on vtool and membership database using SAM IEEE, I am extremely happy to announce the Rebate for IEEE Bangalore Students Branches as per “Performance Based and Membership dependent Scheme”. This scheme was introduced by section on experimental basis for 1 year.

I would like to put some statistics and achievements from this scheme:

1. No of activities reported in vtool from section increased from 200+ in the year 2014 to 480+ in the year 2015 (Huge Growth of 140% on YoY basis)

2. No of Branches submitting report to section increased from 9 in the year 2014 to 30 in the year 2015 ( Mind-boggling growth of 233% on YoY basis)

Since we have linked submission of report to section as well as vtool all the 30 SBs will get MAG Support also depending upon membership. Section support increased from 4.5L to nearly 7.8 L (an increase of 73%).

Out of 30 SBs, Following 5 SBs have won full Rs 50,000 Support:
1. BEC Bagalkot




5. NITK Surathkal

Remaining SBs support details are attached herewith.  Some of the SBs have already claimed 15,000 support from section. Their support will be reduced accordingly from this total support. Request all SBs to complete Bank details info on the google form already sent. Those who have already submitted need not submit again.