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IEEE Bangalore Section By Laws were adopted in the year 2006. Since then Section membership and activities have grown tremendously. To provide better volunteering opportunities, section support to chapters, affinity groups and Student branches, and to meet future demands, present ExeCom proposes some amendments in the existing By Laws. The proposed amendments (copy attached) are thoroughly reviewed  by following committee:
1. Mr. V V Srinivasan, Past Chair, IEEE Bangalore Section
2. Mr. Hitesh Mehta, Immediate Past Chair, IEEE Bangalore Section
3. Mr. Ravikiran Annaswamy, Chair,IEEE Bangalore Section
4. Prof. Debabrata Das, Vice Chair, IEEE Bangalore Section
5. Mr. Sudeendra Kaushik,  Vice Chair, IEEE Bangalore Section
6. Mr. Puneet Kumar Mishra, Secretary,IEEE Bangalore Section
These proposed amendments will be discussed during AGM 2016 going to be held on Feb 7th at J N Tata Auditorium, IISc and will be adopted if approved by voting members.
The votes of two-thirds of the members present and entitled to vote, at the time of the vote, provided a quorum is present, shall be required to approve any new Bylaw, amendment or revocation. Students and Graduate Students Members are NOT entitled to vote.